So you want to be a jeweler but have no clue where to start? If you’re relatively new to jewelry design, we have got various classes and intensive courses to set you on your way.

Short Classes

These are a collection of 1-3 day classes to get you started and can be taken in any order. Please note some classes may require knowledge from some other classes, please read each course’s requirement before signing up.

  • Sawing, drilling & piercing (3 days)
  • Filing, sanding & polishing (2 days)
  • Basic Soldering (3 days)
  • Advanced Soldering (2 days)
  • Basic stone setting (4 days)
  • Cold connections (2 days)
  • Creating textures (using a rolling mill plus, hammers and other surprising methods) (2 days)
  • Sheet and wire fabrication (1 day)
  • Forging techniques (such as dapping, stamping) (1 day)

Level 1 Metalsmithing Intensive (1 week)

Level 2 Metalsmithing Intensive (1 week)