Apprentice to Master

Sometime last week, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw a Throwback Thursday photo of a ring made by Todd Reed many many years ago. Looking at this ring, it was very hard to imagine that a talented and extraordinary designer like Todd produced such a piece. This piece looked no where close to the level of craftsmanship we have come to admire and know Todd for and at that moment, a huge smile flashed across my face, instantly I was reminded of one very important thing, every master was once an apprentice.

Sometimes we have these ideas that great or successful people have always been great. We have this notion that these people, came out of the womb with extraordinary abilities and have been geniuses all their lives. We think there must be something extra special they have that we don’t but one thing I have come to learn is that, it takes years of discipline, practice and patience with yourself to produce a high level of craftsmanship at anything you do.


Beating yourself up at the onset and expecting perfection is a very damaging approach to success. It only frustrates you and tempts you to give up at every little set back.

It was a nice feeling to see where a designer like Todd began and this photo reminded me of one of my favorite videos by Ira Glass, The Gap.

So whatever you do, no matter how long you have been at it. If you truly love it, don’t give up.



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  1. Ademola Adeleke says:

    You are on point! The mastery belongs to the people that see the beauty of their dream and keep attempting until they get to the level of perfection.

    Keep up the good work.

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