What’s On My Reading List

I love to read. Everything from fiction to trade magazines. In August, I went on a shopping spree on Amazon and purchased a ton of books to read over the school break. Now that the break is finally here, I am super exxcited to dive into these books. So for the month of October, I will be spending quality time with these books 🙂


Jewelry International Vol 3: If you love jewelry, love gemstones and marvel at ancient sense of style, you will really want to check out this edition. It’s a pretty huge book so it’s a perfect go to book for the whole month

jewelry_internation_vol3_explore Stress Point: I found this book while at a local bookstore and I was instantly captivated. As young adults, sometimes we get stressed out about all sorts of things like work, relationships, finances and life in general. This book helps you confront and handle these issues with help from the Bible! So far, it has been a great resource for me and it’s worth the buy.

stress_point_october_read_oyindoubaraThe Complete Metalsmith: Next school quarter, I take my first class in metalsmithing. yAy!! I am super excited about what this class has to offer and I can’t wait to begin a deeper foray into working with metals.

october_reads_the complete metalsmith


What is on your reading list?  


Your Thoughts?

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