September’s Allure

Sapphire’s are known to be one of the most precious stones in the world. A variant of ruby, it is charming, calming and oozes with elegance.

For those of you born in September or just love the deep rich color of sapphire, here is a style guide to get you rocking this birthstone.

septembers birthstone-sapphire-oyindoubara_blogQuick Facts about Sapphire:

~ Sapphires are among the earliest known gemstones and are highly valued for their durability.
~ Sapphires are commonly heat-treated to improve color, clarity, and overall appearance.
~ Sapphires can be cleaned at home with warm water and any cleaning detergent.
~ The ruby, is actually a red sapphire.
~The only natural gemstone that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.
~ Throughout history, sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty.

What do you think about September’s Sapphire? Share in the comments section


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