Please Just Blend In

I’m sitting here tonight doing something I never thought I would be doing. If someone told me 2 years ago, I would be up on beautiful night, doing the work I am currently doing, I would have laughed so hard, tears might be streaming down my face. Alas! I’m actually here and guess what? I am learning to draw & shade basic geometric shapes for jewelry rendering!

It’s week 5 into school and in my rendering class, we are being taught about drawing jewelry & the basics of it. So far it’s been really great but things get really tricky from time to time. Personally, I don’t have an art background and drawing hasn’t really been a thing of mine so learning to do even this ‘basic’ task has definitely been a really interesting experience.
For this task, we were asked to draw basics shapes and shade them with specific color pencils and markers.

IMG_2436.JPG For the past couple of hours, I have been working on creating the perfect sphere with markers but this sphere won’t cooperate with me!
These are the first set of spheres I made with grey markers. They are most definitely far from good so I had to keep going
IMG_2430.JPG Set 2, hmmm something still ain’t quite right here

IMG_2431.JPG Set 3, oh my lawd! What is going on here!

Set 4 in the works. Fingers crossed they finally agree to blend nicely.
These are my markers

Prismacolor markers IMG_2432.JPGIMG_2435.JPG

My favorite color is the Canary Yellow. It’s is such a nice pop of color and it’s fun to say! I can just imagine a gorgeous piece of jewelry in this color.
So that’s my current status. Trying to just blend in.


Your Thoughts?

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