In Style with Ruby ~ July’s Birthstone

Most people are familiar with the July’s birthstone, Ruby.  They have been a staple in fashion for centuries and due to their rarity, they can be worth even more than the best diamonds. If you are looking to style an outfit based on the birthstone ruby, you may want to start with Dorthy’s look from the Wizard of Oz.  Yes, the plain outfit (although maybe something a bit cuter!) and a pair of bright red shoes that really pop. You don’t need a lot of ruby in your outfit in order to make a statement.  If you’re going out, you may want to pair a little black dress, with a bold pair of red heels and a red clutch or jewelry.


Go Bold or Go Home
The red in rubies is expected to inspire passion and love. In fact, there is something known as the Red Dress Effect. This is the phenomenon in which women that wear red, especially red dresses, are found to be much sexier and more appealing than in any other color. Psychologically, red is confident, desirable and carries a lot of energy. So, for women who have a bold and fearless side, try rocking the little red dress.


Regardless of how much ruby you want to wear, you’re bound to capture the attention of those around you.

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About Guest Blogger Jayme:

jayme_guest_blogger_birthstonecentralHello, my name is Jayme and I’m from the United States, more specifically, the State of Alaska. I’m the blogger behind where I discuss all things related to birthstones and their colors. I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful girls and I’ve been an online businesswoman for a little over a year now.  I hope to cross paths with you on one of my social sites!

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  1. Most aware words. I am going to planned my whole week dressing according to you guide line for sure.
    thank you so very much

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