A Round Up of The Week

Hey there! Hope your 4th of July celebrations was a good one.
Now that it’s all over and the weekend is still ahead of you, as you lie on the couch most likely eating leftovers, get up to speed with happenings on the blog this week.

-> Hello Summer! Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer – Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 :
Since white jeans is all the rave this season, check out 8 ways on how and what to wear with your white jeans this summer.

20140705-101450-36890076.jpg-> I Blossom! A Jewelry DIY:
Spend the weekend making your own piece of chandelier earrings from start to finish. This diy is perfect to add to your personal stash or wrap up beautifully for as a gift.

20140705-101450-36890162.jpg-> Inspiration Friday
Take some time off to see the beauty in everyday things.



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