Inspiration Friday – Just Smile


A smile is such a wonderful expression. It isn’t just a facial gesture but an expression of the heart. Real smiles start from the heart and not the face. Have you ever taken the time to notice what happens to you when you smile? In fact, give it a try right now. Close your eyes for a few seconds and smile. Forget about the people around you or how you feel or what is going on around you and just smile. How did that make you feel? Good right?

Some scientists have called a smile the highest positive emotional content, something that is felt even when you can’t physically see the person giving the smile. That is why job seekers are told to smile during phone interviews. A smile can be felt between two people who are miles apart.

So start each day with your favorite jewelry and a beautiful smile. Then each day becomes a week, a week becomes, a month, a month a year. By the end of the year, you would have lived a life of joy not only for yourself but others who experienced that smile. Others whose day became slightly better because you smiled and walked out the house reflecting confidence through your jewelry.

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  1. It’s soooo true! And I find I’m more drawn to smiling people, they not only appear happ and fun but open as well.

  2. To Bi,

    This is a fantastic blog. I love the idea of how you put me in the emotional place to “smile,” then tied that into facts, and then into how jewelry makes you feel the same. It is so true. Thank you for sharing such a great blog. I am visiting from the Creative Live Blogger Facebook group. Please visit one of our blogs and feel free to comment on one too. See our blogs at

  3. A wonderful reminder to put on our best accessory – and it doesn’t cost anything.

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