Playing Match Up – Jewelry + Shoes

Some fashionistas may vehemently be against matching anything in their outfit but you and I know that sometimes, matching certain things like accessories to handbags or shoes can bring a look together. Personally, I like to match at least two things I wear in the same color or in a slightly varying shade as a way to bring harmony to my outfit. So this week, here are 3 super cute ways to match up your gemstone pieces to your shoes.


1. for that business meetingshoe-and-jewelry-match-oyindoubara-jewelry-black-lava-rock-bracelet_3

2. for that afternoon lunch with the pals

3. for weekend trips to the mall (below)white-on-white. oyindoubara-white-magnesite-bracelet_21. Orange Unisex Riverstone Bracelet ~ $26.50
2. Black Lava Rock Bracelet ~ $28.50
3. White Magnesite Love Bracelet ~ $30

How do you match your jewelry? Show us using #matchups & #oyindoubara on Twitter or Instagram


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  1. Difficult to say which Match Up I love more here!

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