Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to every single mother who has been a part of this blog and purchased a piece of OYINDOUBARA Jewelry.

There are so many things my mum taught over the years and one of those things was jewelry making. That one moment alone has brought me so much joy that is spread to many others through the pieces made. I remember that day so clearly, over 8 years ago. The very first tools we used, were this yellow nose nose plier and a pair of scissors that belonged to her. Those few hours we spent together on her bedroom floor turned out to be one of the best moments of my life.


To all the mothers out there, expecting, first timers and experienced, a very Happy Mother’s Day to you. There is certainly no doubt on the worth of your contribution to the lives of your children and those around you. Thanks for your unending creativity, laughter and devotion. You are nothing short of amazing.

mother's day joke on cloth washing instructions

As we celebrate mothers all over the world, I want you to take the time to remember the mothers of the 200+ missing girls kidnapped in Chibok in Nigeria. These women are going through a lot of heart ache and unimaginable pain as they wait for more news on the location and state of their daughters. On this day, please remember to say a prayer for them and their daughters. These girls deserve their freedom and their education.


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