Mother’s Day is May 11th. Are You Ready?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you are still stumped on what to do for mom, check out this list of 15 heartfelt ways to spend the day with your mom.

  1. Send dad on a long errand and have a home screening of your favorite movies.

  2. Have a spa day.

  3. Take her to a stand up comedy night event.

  4. Have a professional photo-shoot session at a really great location or her favorite spot in town.

  5. Take her to a taping of her favorite Tv show.

  6. If she is up to it, take her kayaking.

  7. Get the grand kids to make her a special newspaper feature.

  8. Go to a crafting class together. Like pottery making, cooking class or art class.

  9. Get her a month’s service of cleaning from a maid service.

  10. If possible, get her favorite book signed by the author.

  11. Take her to a brunch cruise.

  12. If you don’t live in the same city or state, why don’t you go visit and spend quality time with her. It beats any physical gift hands down.

  13. A hand written letter about how you feel about her.

  14. Arrange a girls night out with her best friends.

  15. Volunteer together at a local organization.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?



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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this day, I’ve been meaning to check out when it was and now its in my diary! Sadly I wont be with my Ma on M Day but will call and butter her up the best I can! I would have liked to have gone on a boat cruise with her…

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