Great Moments to Gift Diamond Jewelry

diamond necklace for april born birthday April has been such a sweet month. From the feature on styling diamonds, the birthstone of April, by guest blogger Fashion Hysteria to celebrating Easter and finally breaking forth to being adventurous. To wrap up the month, I give one last hoorah to the diamond.

Diamonds have become a symbol of eternal love and bond. Although they can be given at any time as gifts, there are still very heartfelt moments in the life of people that matter to you that a diamond gift would be perfect.

Mother’s day: On a day when you honor you mother and express your gratitude for her love and sacrifice, a diamond jewelry is one of the great ways to say; “I Love You Mother, Now & Always. We would always share a bond that can’t be broken.”

April birthday: By now, it’s pretty obvious that diamonds are the birthstone of April borns. Gifting a birthstone, is a great way to show much you really adore the person.

60th and 75th wedding anniversaries: This is a really great time to get the diamonds on wedding rings cleaned by a professional. Another great idea would be to replace the current diamond with a bigger one. Making it feel like the first proposal.

Think you have other great moments you would gift a diamond? Comment Below.




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  1. I love diamonds!!! I’m so glad I was born in April, its so fitting for me, LOL. Another reason to give diamonds is when your 4 year old niece ask for one for her birthday, she was born in April too! Imagine that!

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