1 Bracelet 3 Spectacular Ways

How does one bracelet get worn in 3 different spectacular ways? How does it take you from casual chic to night time queen? I’m gonna show you.

With Easter around the corner, here are 3 spectacular ways to show off unique style with the Snowflake Jasper Gemstone Bracelet. Date night outfit ideas with oyindoubara brown snowflake jasper beads lunch date outfit idea with oyindoubara brown beaded bracelet

oyindoubara snowflake jasper gemstone beaded bracelet. boy friend jeans outfit ideasThere is just something really special about the Snowflake Jasper gemstone bead. It’s a stone that lets you celebrate everything that makes you unique and valued. The patterns on each bead is created by deep chocolate brown blends with tints of grey and caramel swirls, creating a unique pattern just like snowflakes.

These 3 outfits will get you armed and ready for any occasion long after Easter too.

Haven’t got your Snowflake Jasper Bracelet? Order one right here



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