Adventure Awaits – New Store Listing

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.41.56 PMgreen adventurine beaded bracelets by oyindoubara_rounded.jpg

So excited to announce to you all the latest online store listing, the Adventure Awaits Bracelet.
Have you ever wondered to yourself what it would be like to experience a completely new side of life? Keep reading.

The inspiration of this new bracelet was the need to change and take risks. Trying something new, putting to action the things we dream about in our lives. Saying yes to things we would normally say no to out of fear of the unknown. Maybe it’s changing that job for something better, or opening up your heart to receive a fresh kind of love. Maybe it’s just ridding your closet of clothes that make you feel/look unimportant or something more crazy like going on the open road to explore new cities.

There is so much beauty and good things in the world waiting for you if you set out and be adventurous. This piece is to inspire you to stop waiting for things to happen but go out there and explore. You never know what great things are waiting on the end.
green beaded bracelet oyindoubara jewelry

This piece is made with Aventurine gemstone, a stone that was discovered by chance! This name stirred up thoughts and a challenge to seize life. I believe life is too wonderful to live by chance.

mint green bracelets by oyindubara jewelry

mint green bracelet by oyindoubara jewelryShop this piece 



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