Inspiration Friday – The Benefits of Constraints

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The quote above is from a book I read by the founder of 37Signals. It’s hard to believe sometimes but I have come to discover that there are benefits to constraints. Have you ever at any time in your life wanted to do something or make a change but somehow it seems your environment won’t just let you? You wanted to save a bit more every month but somehow you never get to doing it. Or you wanted to get fit but work seems to eat up all of your time and never gives you a moment to breathe or you want to start living your dream life in reality but it never seems to be the right time.

Let me share with you a few things I have personally learned about constraints,

1) I have learned that always waiting for the perfect moment is a waste of time. When you always wait for the perfect time, you miss out on potential opportunities hiding in the shawdows.

2) Sometimes, excuses and fear are masked as constraints, making you feel less guilty about the situation.

3) Comfort zones can turn into constraints therefore not allowing you to break out and explore other options that could open the way for that thing you desire.

4) It slowly eats away at your creativity because you can’t seem to come up with other ideas to implement as you work towards your goal.

So do you have any constraints to embrace from today? Leave a comment

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