DIY Special – Personalized Charmed Bracelet

Jewelry is one thing I will always adore so getting the chance to use it as my story teller is always phenomenal. This week I created a fun little personalized charm bracelet that tells my dreams of traveling to Paris one day, my love for classy elegance, my constant aim to always fly high and reach to be the best in all I do. Check out the full guest post over at Oh Everything Handmade and learn how to make your own fantastic piece of story telling jewelry. It’s so much fun, you could make another for your best girlfriend telling the story of your friendship!

personalized charm bracelet by oyindoubara jewelry

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  1. Hey Oyin, yes its been a while! Really liking the bracelet and the fact that it tells a story. That’s pretty cool and something I would love to be able to do. But at my age I’m comfortable with the fact that as my textiles teacher said in my Wool Making Class, its just not my ‘forte’!

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