Inspiration Friday ~ Why Today Is The Future

Gandhi quote - The future depends on what we do in the present

They say the journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step and I think it is absolutely true.

I remember way back in junior high school when I would day dream about what or who I wanted to become. At that time, the future felt so far out of reach that sometimes, I could have sworn the world was going to end before I was old enough to live that dream. Fast forward many years later, the world is still here (at this point, if we had time machines I would go back and tell my young self not to sweat it. The future is still up and running) churning along rewarding those who seize opportunities and giving back to people what they put into it even many years down the later.

The moment you realize for yourself that the future is literally just a minute or second away, you learn to cherish the present more, make the most of it to ensure you have a nicer future to live in and look back on a past worth reminiscing about.

How are you giving to your future today?


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  1. Lovely quote…. Very thoughtful

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