Celebrating a Milestone!

oyindoubara jewelry instagram photos

Things have really been heating up over at the Instagram account http://instagram.com/oyindoubara. This week I noticed we are up to a community of 200 people! Some people may look at it as insignificant or really little but I don’t see it that way. This number tells me that 200 people love the work I do so much as to say to themselves “wow, I really like what she stands for and her photos are so awesome and I’m going to follow her!“. Just imagine for a second, yourself in a room full of 200 completely different people and you in the center of them all. That is a whole lot of people! So this is me saying a big big thank you to everyone who follows my Instagram account, engages in the community and spreads their love through likes and reposts.

So cheers to another 200! If you don’t already follow me, head over to Instagram right now by hitting this follow button now. Let’s stay connected, celebrate and help change the world together!followme

Some of the pieces that have received the most chatter and love:

semplicita collection oyindoubara gold crystal simple bracelet The Verita Bracelet (Truth Bracelet)

white beaded bracelet oyindoubara magnesite jewelry

The White Magnesite Love Bracelet

blue magnesite bead necklace oyindoubara jewelry

The Agate Crowned Necklace

oyindoubara purple grace drop earrings

The Grace Swarovski Drop Earrings.

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  1. Lovely and beautiful jewelries. Love it

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