Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Relationship ~ The “Hey We Just Met” Stage

You know, Valentine’s Day can be one of those tricky celebrations when it comes to gift giving. It is a bit harder than other gift giving celebrations like Christmas or birthdays because depending on how long you have know the other person or the stage of your relationship, getting a gift could send the wrong message or make the other person feel pressured. So to ease the stress, here are great Valentine’s Day gift options for your stage.

The “Hey We Just Met” Stage

new dating couple

So you met this person who you think is super awesome and its got you wondering where they have been all your life. You want to do something special but not too much so it doesn’t appear you are putting too much pressure on them. If you are in this scenario, you want to keep things simple but thoughtful and definitely not cliché. At this stage of your relationship, you can skip the jewelry and go for more fun and thoughtful items. Think back to conversations you have had or moments spent together and try to remember the things that said they liked, caught their attention or mentioned are on their wish-list.

Gift Ideas:


cute morrocan throw pillows etsy

Throw Pillows: Like this Moroccan pillow from Pillow Flight pdx ~ $38 (with custom order available)



Scented Soy Candles: Sandalwood scent & a health conscious candle from Makana Studios ~ $26

3. design_atelier_article_bookend Bookends: like this one from Design Artlier Article ~ $45

Are you at this stage in your relationship? What gift(s) idea do you like the most? Leave your comment below!

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