Inspiration Friday ~ Will You Believe?

anything is possible if you believe

Recently I have come to see the word Believe in a very different light. It used to be a word tossed around when no other would do justice or a word used without consideration of it’s deeper meaning. The dictionary defines it as being sure that something or someone is capable of performing something.
Starting this jewelry line and chasing other dreams in life, I have come to truly understand the depth of this word and appreciate the force it carries it with. It took a whole lot of believing & faith in God that I could accomplish my dream of creating gorgeous jewelry pieces men & women all over the world would be interested in buying and also fulfilling my other dream of helping to educate little kids. After many years of admiring the philanthropic work of people like Bill Gates and since the 1st day I found out my mother used to help pay the tuition of some kids that used to play on the streets by our house even though we didn’t even have a lot, I knew this was something I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure how or when I would be able to lend a helping hand but somehow somewhere within me I just believed it would happen.
Today, that belief & faith helped bring my dreams to reality. Today I design unique beaded pieces for the stylish gal & guy and helped reshape the lives of many kids in my homeland. This on going experience has reshaped my understanding of this mighty word “Believe”.
If I can do it with little resources. Not waiting to be a multi-billionaire, I really and honestly do believe you can accomplish your dreams too.

So today I ask you, Will You Believe?

Remember anything can be accomplished if only you believe [Tweet This]

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