Recap of 2013

2013 has been an extra ordinary year over here at OYINDOUBARA. Looking back at the year a lot of great things have happened, from lessons shared, connections made and products that have given back, here is a recap of some of the most popular posts and great moments of the year.

~ Most popular post: 

5 Beautiful and Customizable Jewelry Storage Ideas

The popularity of this post was actually quite a surprise to me as I wasn’t expecting it to be the most popular. This post was inspired by my frustration with storing my pieces in a really neat and easy to access manner so after some research and touring various stores for storage ideas, I found a system that worked for me. After thinking to myself, I realized some people out there may have the same issue so I wrote this post.

~ 1st Book Drive: 

OYINDOUBARA Donates Children’s Books

Giving back is a very big part of this brand and I do this through providing  education  to underprivileged kids around Africa. As part of my work to help provide education I had the very 1st book drive that helped collect 109 children’s books covering areas of literature and fiction. Working with Utopia Wish-list in Ghana and Books for Africa’s Future we were able to collect 109 books to help improve the reading skills of the kids at Omanjor School in Ghana.

~ Tuition raised:

This year as part of the promise to open up access to education to more kids in Africa, I started with one recipient. A young and bright little girl located in Ghana. Through sales made, we were able to fund her tuition and it could not have happened without our customers and in the new year we look forward to supporting even more kids.

~ MindMill Africa:

I was also able to support the work of MindMill Africa, a 5 day project that was setup during the summer holidays to help teach kids in school creative thinking. I supported this project because I recognize the need to not only provide an education to people but to teach creative thinking and train them to come up with creative solutions to the various problems faced in Africa. Here are a few highlights from the program and photos with time spent with the kids: Setup | Day 1 – 3 (intro to the kids) | Day 3- 5

~ Most popular product:

The Lava Rock Bracelet, one of the first designs to grace the online store became a popular piece. This piece not only sold more than others, it inspired the designs of the Horn of Strength necklace.


oyindoubara handmade jewelry

~ Features:

This year, I got to be featured on a number of blogs. This not only allowed others hear about the brand but made I made great connections with the blog owners, whom I have also learned various valuable lessons from ranging from different lifestyle topics.

: Oh Everything Handmade -> Brand Feature On “OH” Everything Handmade

: Into Temptation, Jewellery Musings -> Brand Feature by Into Temptation, Jewellery Musings

: Learn with Minette -> Jewelry Review: Moonstone Necklace via iLearnWithMinette

:Try Handmade -> The Sparkle Necklace

In all, it has been a year full of many great achievements, lessons learned and connections made. In the New Year I look forward to bringing you many more valuable posts, supporting more children and launching more beautiful pieces.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year a great one.


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