Jewel of the day: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message Jewellery

A queen and her jewels on a beautiful Christmas day.

IntoTemptation.....jewellery musings

The message broadcast to Commonwealth countries by Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day is a longstanding tradition. I can’t say I know anyone who actually sits down to watch it, but it’s one of those comforting annual touchstones. Queen Elizabeth is known as a one-take pro (vetted by no less than James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, when he filmed the London Olympics opening video with her. And if you haven’t seen that, I urge you to watch it here), a skill she applies to the filming of the annual video.

It’s also interesting to me that Her Majesty is old school when it comes to her jewellery for occasions like the Christmas message. This photo was taken from her 2012 video, and that year was also her Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years as monarch. She has on her triple strand of pearls, frequently worn for this occasion. And though I…

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