The Top 10 Accessories Every Man Must Have

To be honest, men usually don’t need too much when it comes to accessorizing but when it comes down it, there are a few essentials a man should not be caught without. Here are top 10 accessories every man must have to stand out from the crowd.

#1. Classy cufflinks: For centuries, cuff links have truly distinguished gentlemen (a big thank you to the French for this). They are completely voluntary style accessories therefore giving you the chance to refine your style. You can’t deny the impact they have on both a button-up shirt and a classic suit. For those reasons and more, cuff links are the true sign of style and civility. They say “hey, I take myself and style seriously“.

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#2. A set of beads: Who said bead stacking was just for the ladies? Beaded jewelry has become a go to accessory for stylish men across the world. Since they are very cultural jewelry pieces, they are the perfect accessories to express your deep connection to tradition and individual style.

Riverstone Gemstone Bracelet oyindoubara
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#3. Good shoes: Never ever skimp on shoe quality as the true mark of a man is his shoes. Nothing kills an impression of you like dirty, worn out or boring shoes paired with ugly socks ****shivers****. Every gentleman must invest in at least one pair of quality italian leather shoes. Want to take it up a notch? Get them handmade like these ones from Heel The World.

Heel The World THE SHOE-C-IDE mens work shoes
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#4 Bold watch: A good watch sets the tone for your entire outfit. It shows that you have attention to detail and have an eye for the finer things in life, which is never a crime. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive but it should be classy.

Chronograph wrist watch

#5. A sincere smile: There is nothing like a smile that comes straight from the heart. People who smile more, are generally more happier in life and have lots of positive things happening for them. The best part of this accessory? it is absolutely free! You don’t need to shop for it, just flex those facial muscles!

george clooney smile

#6. Book smarts: There is nothing sexier than a man who reads wide and can hold very intellectual conversations. Guys, want to woo a power lady? Go read a good book.

#7. Manners: Manners are always noticed and noted, speaking tons about a man. It shows you are not only confident but mature. Being grown doesn’t give you an excuse to forget what mama taught you.

#8. Subtle but memorable cologne: The key is to leave a lasting positive memory not choke everyone else to death. Understood?

#9. A classy pen: Trust me when signing those contracts or writing out that life changing check you don’t want to be caught with a shabby looking pen. My favorite store to shop is at Mont Blanc because they make such elegant pens. Personally I reserve the use of such pens for special moments like when handwriting special notes to clients.

mont blanc pen with blue angelite gemstone bracelet oyindoubara

Shop the Princess Grace Pen

#10. A circle of successful friends: You know what they say about the people you surround yourself with. If you want success, surround yourself with people who have it and their thinking, approach to challenges and thirst for it will start to rub off on you. You aren’t going to learn how to score that million dollar deal hanging out with people who spend their lives plopped in front of the TV watching ESPN all day.

gentlemen fashion

So what accessory are you lacking? Seeing that the year is wrapping up, this sounds like a great time to jump on it and step out a redefined man in 2014.

Ladies, think your man needs any of these? Go on, share this post with him!


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