Pantone Announces 2014 Color: Radiant Orchid

radiant orchid pantone color 2014

In case you missed it, 2014’s color is Radiant Orchid *cue fanfare music*. I love love this color for many reasons because it is a very welcoming color and lends itself to so many other colors. Belonging to a family of colors that stand for class, sophistication and luxury, it is a color worth having in the wardrobe or in the home.

 orchid purple bedroom

According to Pantone,

Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,”. It is an invitation to innovation, encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.

“It is an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, inspiring confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones radiate on the skin, producing a healthy glow when worn by both men and women. A dazzling attention-getter.

Wow! wow! wow! Now isn’t that a color worth wearing all year round? So look out for the next post on Styled in Orchid

What do you think of this color? Would you give it a shot in the new year? 



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  1. For some reason I love this color a’lot

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