How-To: Sweater For Your Body Type

This season has seen one of the most stylish uses of sweaters. Today we explore great ways to rock the sweater weather no matter your body type.

~ If you have a boyish body type, narrow to medium shoulders or  small to medium sized chest, crewneck sweaters  work great. For an even more stylish look, pair them with a pendant necklace, pencil skirt, a tutu, full skirt or capri pants.

~ Pear shaped and boyish shaped girls can give a knockout statement with turtleneck sweaters. Pair with leather pants and booties for a rocker chic look.

~ Curvy, pear or busty girls can make it chic by wearing a V-Neck sweater.

Can’t wait to try these styles? Shop your body type here!

crewneck sweater banana republic Ribbed Crew from Banana Republic – $49.99

hm turtleneck sweaterKnit Turtleneck Sweater (H&M) – $29.95

v-nceck sweater from mangoCashmere Silk V-neck Sweater (Mango) – $44.99

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