The Birth of a Sparkle

chip bead necklace

This is the 1st ever Sparkle necklace made over a year ago one slow Fall afternoon. I bought these beads in Ghana in 2010 & have carried them around with me from country to country waiting for the perfect time and idea to reveal its true beauty.

On this Fall afternoon sitting on the floor in my apartment and out of creative juice, I started playing around with these beads as I had done in the past. All of a sudden an idea struck me and oh boy I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me like mentos thrown into a bottle of coca cola. After a couple wire tugging, measurements, refinement & other things the necklace was finally finished! I set it on my jewelry display and called it a day. The next day to my surprise, as the sun rays from the window hit the necklace, it began to reveal a side of itself I didn’t see before. It began to give off little eye catching sparkles here & there and at that moment, its name came to me ~ Sparkle. I started to imagine it brighten up outfits & adding that touch of elegance every lady needs. I was so excited.

From patience & seizing the opportunity of a boring day, Sparkle was created reminding me to always see the light in things/situations. Focus on the positives & in due time the best gifts hidden would reveal themselves for the world to marvel & admire.

“Nothing in nature, grows without resistance…” [Tweet This]

I have been wearing my Sparkle necklace for over a year now & it’s a piece that gets people’s attention every time. It is the kind of jewelry people admire and those who summon the courage to take a closer look always get blown away by its allure and intriguing simplicity. So to share this beauty & work of love with you all, I have designed the Sparkle necklace in 3 other colors: forest green, black & brown. I hope as you wear this piece, you relish your moments of Sparkle and p.s try not to cause accidents as you strut your piece 🙂

To order, please visit the online shop

green chip bead necklace oyindoubara black chip bead necklace oyindoubara

chip bead necklace - sparkle

What has been a moment of sparkle for you? Leave your sparkle story in the comments section.


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