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Hi guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed watching the 2013 Emmy Awards (if you got the chance).

It was a very busy week over here. Fulfilling a special order, taking product pictures, helping to promote a career fair for the kids of Utopia Wishlist in Ghana and updating the online store. I am so excited to show you the latest items added to the store & some refreshes to relatively older pieces. As always, these pieces are all handmade from scratch here in the US and all contribute towards making education a reality of disadvantaged kids. To get more updates on the work I do in this regard, please join me on Facebook by Liking my page, Oyindoubara

If you have a questions regarding any of these pieces, feel free to contact me at
oyindoubara handmade necklaces

oyindoubara handmade jewelry



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  1. Gorgeous pieces! i love the black sparkle necklace!

  2. I’m all about Agate Crowned, how gorgeous would that look on the right all-white Grecian gown…and then gold cuffs…tsigh….

    • Oh my! Yes! That would be so gracious looking and that is what we are all about. Allowing the inner grace of all women come out. We are beautiful beings, caring, powerful people & beings that command a room with love, elegance & respect at the same time…That is one of the inspiration of this piece. Royalty of women. You got a good eye 😉
      Hope you have been good too, been a while you had a blog post. Been secretly waiting to see something from your corner of the world.

      • Hey, I went through a very rough patch personally- which resulted in me having to move flats and find a new flat (in a wk!!) to protect myself and my safety. Had to do it all in a country where I dont speak the language. And lots of other stressful stuff followed. So blogging had to take a back seat. But I am back now- actually its bank hols today in Germany so I am going to sit by my computer and begin to do catch ups! I havent gone away!!

      • So sorry to hear that.. Glad & grateful to God everything is sorted out now… And can’t wait for your posts!

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