The Rise of Mini Moguls

I remember when being a kid for the most part was all fun and games. We played outside, got hurt & we watched meaningful cartoons that actually taught us things worth knowing. We read lots of books and our minds were a constant carousel of imaginations. We had all the time in the world to figure out who we were and what we wanted our future to be like. These days, it isn’t anymore and the race to the top has already begun by some. These kids (outside Hollywood) around the world are racking up social media status, DJ-ing their own events, starting million dollar businesses and managing blogs of huge followers.

Last night I was watching E! behind the scenes of the TV hit series, Modern Family and I could not help but notice the abilities of the kids on the show: (Rico Rodriguez as Mani, Nolan Gould as Luke and even Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lilly). How articulate they were, how they owned their craft and took their jobs seriously even if to some degree they thought of it as fun. Flash forward a couple of hours into the next day, I got my hands on a copy of Dujour’s Fall 2013 issue and in those pages lay more stories of the rise of child moguls like Fulano Librizzi a DJ, ‘kid influencer’ & model to Lane Sutton in the social media space and Tavi Gevinson a junior journalist to name a few. This really got me thinking of the status of our kids in Africa. Where are they? What are they doing? How are we helping them prepare for such competition in their future?

image source: Dujour Magazine

This scenario right here describes my quest for educating our kids. With a generation with little access to education, can’t read, stuck in the cycle of traditional ways of making it in the world (which we can see is slowly becoming harder to do even for us adults), we the adults in their lives need to step it up & help prepare them for what’s ahead. That is why I along side the numerous people who have joined the OYINDOUBARA brand are constantly working hard to give access to education to our future generation through various activities like funding the tuition of kids in need via proceeds from sales made, supporting programs like the MindMillAfrica Project started by 2 young college ladies in the East coast of the United States to introduce kids to creative thinking and donating reading books to organizations around the continent to spark the imagination & curiosity of these children.

I hope you do join me in this effort. You can provide your support and spread the news through various means, liking the OYINDOUBARA page on Facebook & sharing posts you love and find useful, following us on TwitterPinterest & Instagram and shop our pieces (all of which give back) at


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