The Black Pillow ~ Packaged & Sealed With Love

Today, I want to share a little bit more about 2 videos I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. The videos were a sneak peak into part of the packaging process of OYINDOUBARA pieces, the work and the love given to each piece ordered.

The use of seals can be traced back to the world’s first civilizations and have been found from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley. The use of wax seals, however, did not begin until the Middle Ages. At first they were the exclusive to monarchs, bishops, and royal courts for use in issuing official decrees and authenticating documents but over time its use extended to other kinds of people for use in security of hand written correspondence. Today, it is for a more decorative appeal such as wedding decorations or invitations.

Although the major use of wax seals died years ago with the advent of sealed envelopes, I thought of it as way to create personal & intimate communication with those investing in OYINDOUBARA jewelry pieces and our efforts in educating children around the African continent. I saw it as a way to show them how much they are valued. This ritual has become a seal & stamp of passionately made jewelry pieces, a stamp of authenticity and a hope that little fun and thoughtful things like these bring an unexpected smile to their faces making their day just a little bit better.



The purple wax is our symbol of royalty and enchantment and the size & style of the brass stamp chosen because of my constant believe in the power of simplicity. Simple as it appears to be, the simplistic look of the stamp, gives a kind of grand look and feel to the final look of the wax after being stamped and the O to represent the brand name.


Your Thoughts?

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