A Special Black Lava Rock

Aside the design phase and intense internal brainstorming sessions for new jewelry ideas, one of the favorite part of my work is creating custom pieces for people and last two weeks, a good client of mine sent in a request for another piece of his design.

I remember when I initially discovered the black Lava Rock beads, I fell in love instantly because of its texture and origin. It is a very unique gemstone from its formation via volcanoes to the final use on a great piece of jewelry. I also really love the Black Lava Rock beads because every single bead is unique in its own way. Every cavity found on the rock in my mind has its own story and plays its own role in putting together a wonderful bead. It is like each of us on planet earth. We are all made with unique and powerful abilities and through the work we do, we all play a role in each other’s lives some how to make living on earth work for us all. Some of us become doctors to take care of the sick, some soldiers to serve & protect us during wars, some become teachers to bring forth smart & creative people, some firemen, some fashion designers, some techy people to push us further into the digital age, some jewelry designers 😉 to help us express our individuality through pieces we adorn and the list goes on and on. But even as we all seem disconnected by industry or works of life, we are all connected to each other’s lives.

From the various designs made with these beads, I have come to the conclusion that they aren’t going anywhere from my line anytime soon. So expect more Lava goodness.

Black lava rock beaded bracelet lava rock

Black Lava Rock BeadsWhat do you think of this bead?


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