Most Wanted ~ Swivel Jewelry Storage


From Lori Levine’s Closet

From the 1st day I set eyes on this jewelry storage system, I knew I had to have it. It makes too much sense not to belong in the home of any jewelry lover and organizing freak like me.

It is one very simple and chic jewelry storage/display unit with more than enough room. I see this doubling as a closet or room accent. Maybe give it an ombre paint job, maybe a very chic decal and a full length mirror on one side. Talk about beauty and function!



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  1. A beautiful sight indeed!!

  2. I normally go to vintage stores to buy ornaments to keep my jewelry. ON my last trip I got this great wooden mini chest and for my birthday last year I was given a jewelry tree which I love. I also gave a vintage jewellery bird cage to my Ma to hang her necklaces….
    I do like this closet and would paint it in vibrant colours and pritns…

    • Aww that’s so sweet of you. I actually have a vine video of jewelry cases & pieces that can be used as cases from my trip to goodwill. Will post it in a couple of weeks.

      I also had the same thought regarding the swivel case… Maybe using African prints some where inside & painting the outside so it doubles as room decor when it’s closed

  3. Wow!!! so many lovely piece to chose from, It just makes me want them all.

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