7 Handmade Rings for Chic Looks

Rings are fabulous pieces of jewelry that should adorn the fingers of any lady or man. They are a symbol of loyalty, togetherness, promise, an expression of your individuality and style. Rings are like the icing on a scrumptious cake and when done right, can flatter your hands and make your manicure pop!

Personally I am a ring lover. Every time I walk into a store, I always look out for fun rings, chic rings, everyday rings and ‘hey look at me’ rings. So here are 7 beautiful handmade rings for both men and women to help you make a statement, start a conversation or just polish up your look.

1. Gold Unique Loopy Ring by BJohnsonJewelry

2. Sterling Silver Ring Brushed Edgy Modern Unisex Stackable Rings by BJohnsonJewelry

3. Wedding ring Convex and scratched Silver ring for men by MichalDavidJewelry

4. Tiny Heart Tiara Ring – Gold by CreaMellow

5. Silver Faun by  Minter + Richter Titanium Rings

6. Personalized stack rings, initial ring and heart ring by moncadeau

7. Cora by Perry Rhodes

I really believe in handmade goods. They provide that extra touch and care products massed produced can never provide, making your collection or piece truly unique in their own way.

What do you think of rings as accessories? Which of these is your favorite ring? 

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  1. Thanks for featuring two of my rings.

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