Book of The Week ~ The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The story unfolds starting from the end of Eddie’s life and recounting the last minutes of his life till his death by a roller-coaster while trying to save a little girl at the age of 83.

Eddie is an 83 year old man and amusement park maintenance guy. Everyone at the park – at least those who come around often enough, know him as Eddie Maintenance. Eddie blames the state of his unfulfilled life on his father and his his upbringing in neglect, violence and silence.

As the story unfolds, we delve deeper into Eddie’s journey through his 5 heavens and how the lives of 5 different people (even one he had not physically met) were connected to his. His role in their lives and their role in his life. In each heaven, Eddie is shown how the dots of his life connect, he relives his earthly joys, pain, heart break, sorrow and love but at the end he learns a unique lesson about his life before departing each heaven and finally set free. The stage is then set of Amy or Annie the little girl whom he saved. Her 5 heavens awaiting her whenever she dies.

This was a nice, emotional and thought provoking read. Makes you realize that people you meet even for brief seconds and probably never seen again are affected by our actions and our lives theirs. Generations to come and generations gone all play a role in our world.


Your Thoughts?

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