How to Wear Emerald

Ever wondered how to wear emerald or the gorgeous emerald Swarovski drop earrings that have been all the rave this year? I have put together a handy cheat sheet (shown above) you can print and stick on your closet or dresser mirror to help you wear this color in style.

1. Beige: Aside the colors shown on the color wheel, black, white & the other neutrals are colors that go with any other color on the color wheel as a result, this makes beige a great color to combine with emerald. It makes the clearest and calmest combination, giving you a fresh and sophisticated look suitable for the office or a formal event.

2. Purple or Gold: These colors paired with emerald green, give a luxurious & sophisticated look always.

3. Soft Blue: This is a color that easily blends into white creating a fresh & light colour combination. This airy combination feels like the moment you take a whiff of fresh “beachy” air or smell fresh rain after such a hot summer week. Think, for instance, this emerald green earrings paired with a pale blue dress, emerald ring, and green velvet high/mid high heels. It is ideal look for a romantic date with Mr. Man or for a cocktail party.

What if beige, purple or gold aren’t your kinds of color? Why not try these other colors that equally go well with emerald: black, white, cream, brown, grey, yellow, red, pink and silver.

We may be half way through the year but there is still plenty of time to enjoy this color of grace, abundance and fertility.

How would you wear this beautiful emerald green earrings? Lets hear your voice!


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