Resource for Jewelry & Handmade Goods Designers

As designers and creators of handmade goods, we have all been at the phase where we needed some help or information to help kickstart a hobby/business or just seeking to expand our knowledge. There are lots of questions good ‘ol Google can’t seem to help us with & sometimes, the advise or guidance of a fellow creator like yourself is what you need to guide you on the right part.

Today, I want to invite you all to an online space where experiences/ideas are shared, questions are asked & answered respectful and people come together to help each other’s business grow. I discovered this website via a friend and so far I have enjoyed interacting with people and getting my own questions answered on different topics from entrepreneurship to fashion / beauty.

This online space is provided by the creators of the software Bunch. To begin, you sign up for an account (gaining access to the site isn’t immediate as each member registration is reviewed). After you receive your access,  join the Handmade Goods bunch using this link below: to begin enlightening yourself and others in creating successful and profitable businesses based on your experiences.

I hope this platform helps answer some of your burning questions regarding various topics related to your handmade goods business & help you grow your business.

See you there!


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