Making the Horn of Strength Necklace

Last week was the debut of the Horn of Strength Necklace. After working on this piece, posting a picture of its progress on my Instagram feed & the photo-shoot, I am glad it is finally ready to meet the rest of the world.

horn of strength italian horn necklace

The name of this necklace was inspired by the Italian Horn pendant. There is something about this pendant that just fills you with energy & mental strength.

Wearing this necklace (especially the Ruby Red), I felt an extra dose of self-confidence & strength filling my being. It felt like that special pair of shoes you wear, that instantly make you feel you can conquer anything or run the world as you step out the front door. In those moments, it reminded me of what it felt like to be empowered, to take on challenges & succeed at them.

To give The Horn of Strength necklace a bit of sparkle, I decided to add rhinestone beads. Each rhinestone bead is named after a gemstone (who doesn’t love gemstones) and represents a mental state we so desire in our life.

The Sapphire Blue for wisdom

The Ruby Red for confidence & energy.  (reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman. “She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” ~ Proverbs 31:25)

The Emerald (which is also 2013’s color) for abundance and richness in all things, from material well-being, to emotional well-being to creative ideas.

The Tourmaline Pink for unconditional love, compassion & hope.

So I guess these set of necklaces deserve a name befitting of their nature… The Horn of Strength.

Italian Horn pendant necklace

These necklaces are currently available in limited quantities on the online shop enjoy more pictures below.


Emerald Rhinestone Bead on Italian Horn Necklace

Red rhinestone bead with horn charm necklace

sapphire blue rhinestone bead on Horn of Strength Necklace

Italian Horn Pendant Necklace by OYINDOUBARA

Long pendant horn necklace

20130710-145200.jpgand as always, each piece is handmade with love.

As you wear or gift them to a loved one, may you find wisdom & strength to love unconditionally, live each day in great confidence and always stay hopeful. May you feel gratitude for the many abundance & richness in your life.


Your Thoughts?

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