Making an Ombre´ DIY Jewelry Rack

If you have been closely following this blog & my twitter feed, you noticed that I’m big on jewelry care. Jewelry isn’t just another piece of item you throw on to look beautiful but it is an investment that should be taken care of and hopefully could become a faily heirloom.

About a week ago, I tweeted about an article on creating a jewelry rack using old Jenga pieces by

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.26.43 AMI thought it was super fun project and a nice way to spend the weekend so I stepped up to the challenge and got to work. So today, I will be sharing how my project went & show you the final result.

Materials needed:

~ Old or incomplete Jenga set. I found a complete set for sale on Craigslist for $10. You could also use tumbling blocks for this.

~ Paint of desired color. Brit used just one color but I wanted to go a step further so I got 2 paint samples, Plum & White from Home Depot

~ Foam Brush (optional) or Thick kitchen tissue.

~ Industrial strength glue. (I used Araldite)

~ Old newspapers, mixing pot or containers, scooping tools (plastic spoons will do)

~ Nails or command strips to hang the rack


1. I laid out the design of my complete rack to get an idea of what I wanted it to look like & took a picture to help me remember.

IMG_67202. Next I decided on the final look of the set with colors on. I tried to give it an ombre look but it didn’t quite come out that way.

IMG_67223. Paint each block using the foam brush or folded tissue with your desired color and allow to dry completely. For a really nice finish, paint a thin 1st coat & after it dries, give it another coat. When painting, remember to stay in a very ventilated place to avoid inhaling the paint fumes.

IDIY Jewelry Rack


4. After each piece is completely dried, glue the parts together based on your design. For mine, I glued the edges that touch each other at the base and allowed to dry for about 12hrs as per the instructions on my glue.


I decided to hang my rack vertically instead of horizontally because I didn’t want to drill new holes in the wall & I didn’t have any command strips at home


DIY jewelry rack



What it would have looked like if I hung it horizontally.
IMG_6924 IMG_6925

In all this was a fun project & it turned out to be really pretty. Let’s hear your thoughts!


Your Thoughts?

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