7 Must Know Tips for Every Jewelry Wearer

It is one thing to throw on a pair of jewelry and it is certainly another to know how to work it and use it to your advantage. So here are 7 great must know tips to turn you into a savvy jewelry wearer and keep your jewelry lasting longer.

  1. Always remember that less is more. Simplicity goes a long way in communicating class and elegance because it is the ultimate form of sophistication as well put by Leonardo Di Vinci. Look at companies like Apple or Google or a product like the Dyson fan. Their products go a long way in charming the hearts of people because they do away with clutter. Why not adopt this technique to your outfits to bring balance & harmony.
Moonstone Cabochon Necklace by OYINDOUBARA
  1. To help elongate the lifespan of your jewelry, always put them on last after your makeup and perfume. Remember to also store them away from direct sunlight and clean with a soft dry cloth after use.
Chrysanthemum Beaded Bracelet by OYINDOUBARA
  1. Keep in mind the shape of your face to help you select earrings that complement your face and flaunt your desired assets. (Don’t know your face shape? Read the post on How to Build a Personal Jewelry Collection or Wardrobe.
Blue Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings by OYINDOUBARA
  1. When wearing pieces of jewelry that are busy or bulky such as statement pieces, toning down your outfit by wearing solid colors help highlight your jewelry and bring them to focus. It also creates balance & gives your overall look a tasteful finish.


  1. During the winter months, when you tend to wear lots of black and greys, use your jewelry to bring in some color, to brighten up your look and your day.
Blue Magnesite Beaded Bracelet by OYINDOUBARA
  1. Keeping your fingers and nails well taken care of, enhances the look of your appearance and your rings. You really don’t want people noticing your chipped nail polish or unkept nails when wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Let your rings and fingers speak good things about you.
Image Source: pinterest.com
– Image Source: Google Images.

7. Nothing is more annoying or damaging than tangled up jewelry. Store necklaces on separate hooks or compartments. If storage space has to be shared, always ensure to carefully separate each piece to prolong the beauty of your jewelry and make it easily accessible during the rush hour moments.

What are some of the jewelry tips you have learned or can’t do without? Share your comments below


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