Behind the Scenes of the Agate Crowned Multi Strand Necklace.

double strand blue magnesite necklace

The Agate Crowned necklace is a piece I am very proud of. Inspired by the now famous Blue Magnesite Gemstone bracelet, it was sure to be a must have.

blue beaded braceletSo how did this gorgeous necklace come to be?

After seeing how much love and rave the beaded blue magnesite got, I knew these beads were made for something more. Although easily mistaken for turquoise, these beads are actually dyed magnesite gemstone beads.

White Magnesite beads
natural magnesite gemstone beads

The initial idea for this necklace was something totally different. It was supposed to be a triple strand necklace of these blue magnesite beads and the unique antiqued gold rondelles

20130611-135440.jpgbut looking closer, I saw that this piece had more potential and it could really push beyond what it was currently going to be. At that moment, I remembered I had a set of mixed agate beads (i.e. the triangular shaped bead shown in the tray above) stashed away somewhere.

After seeing the effect this mixed agate bead had on the overall look of this necklaces, I knew this was definitely perfection, hence the name Agate Crowned.

This necklace is available on the online store ~>

Design Specs:

~ 1  Mixed Agate bead made of part blue Cats eye, green emerald, traces of pyrite and Lapis Lazuli

~ Blue Magnesite gemstone beads

~  3 antiqued gold-finished pewter rondelle beads

~  twisted gold oval cable aluminum chain

~ a gold platted button clasp and finished with a Made With Love charm

This piece measures approximately 19 inches on the outer strand and 18 inches on the inner strand and is strung on durable gold colored tiger wire.

blue double strand necklace



mixed agate blue necklace

Made with love charm necklace

multi-strand blue magnesite beaded necklace

I am totally in love piece because it speaks I’m bold & confident but yet still feminine and gracious.

Let’s hear your thoughts below.


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