Gemstone of the Month ~ Pearls

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Between pearls and diamonds, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is a girl’s best friend. Pearls have been used to adorn women from ages past. From the early Roman & Egyptian era to the 20s (anyone say Great Gatsby) with the iconic Coco Chanel or Queens and to modern day, it is obvious pearls have come a long way and have no intentions of going anywhere from fashion and vaults of the extremely wealthy.

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Known as the treasures of the sea or the Queen of Gems by some, this month we are celebrating the pearl by looking at a little history, tracking down pearls worn by fashionistas on the street and how to care for your pearls.

The History of Pearls ~

Diving for Pearls

Caring For Pearls

Storage Boxes:

Bed Bath & Beyond ~

Pottery Barn ~

Styling Your Pearls

How Long is Long? Pearl Necklace Strand Lengths

How To Pick a Perfect Pearl

Pinterest Board on pearl jewelry and how to style them

pearls on pinterest board

Super easy DIY ballet flats with ribbons & pearls (

What do you love most about pearls & how do you wear your pearls? Let’s hear your voice!


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