More Ways To Stay Connected ~ OYINDOUBARA Magazine

Hi everyone, I’ll like to tell you about the OYINDOUBARA e-magazine, which is now available on Flipboard the best social news aggregator since it’s inception in 2010 that delivers to you a stylish personal magazine.

Flipboard is available for free on the iPhone/iPad here and Android device (get it here).

The OYINDOUBARA magazine called OYINDOUBARA Jewelry is filled with tons of articles, pictures and some video on fashion, style, jewelry news and above all, smashing jewelry. Stay up to date with information ranging from best Pinterest boards on jewelry & style secrets of well dressed men and many more exciting things.

To subscribe for free, download the Flipboard app to your mobile device and follow these quick easy steps:

1. Launch the Flipboard app after downloaing

2. Tap on the Red Ribbon on the top right hand corner


3. In the search box, type in OYINDOUBARA. Once you start to type the 1st four letters it should find the magazine.


4. Tap on any of the search results. Here I tapped on the last result with the person icon.


5. Now tap on the bookmark looking icon to subscribe and that is it!

20130528-182910.jpgNow you are never out of the loop and you can get instant updates on interesting news.

If you run into any issues downloading or using this app, drop a comment in the box below.





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