How-To: Accessorizing for Your Body Type ~ Necklaces

We are all beautifully and wonderfully created in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are petite, some are much taller and some of us just keep staying fabulous somewhere in between. Regardless of the body type you are blessed with, making the most out of it goes a long way in making you feel confident and look attractive to yourself and others. There are no set in stone rules for how to accessorize, however, picking out a piece that is well suited for your body type helps bring your overall look together.

Petite (5’4″ & Under)

If you fall within this range, you want to go for necklaces that are really long. These are pieces that fall below the breast but end before the waist. Styles like this are extremely flattering because they help elongate your look and give you a taller appearance. A great example of this look is Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington on ABC hit series Scandal (one of my favorite shows). Olivia is about 5’4″ and so delicate long necklaces help create a look of extra height. Also notice that layering is another great option for women of this body structure. The key thing is to have the longest necklace fall above the waist and the other layers can reduce in length moving upwards. The shortest length should fall just below the neck.

Full Figured

Full figured women are best served with smaller necklaces and pieces that do not fall just on the breast line. This helps prevent a crowded look and gives a classy look to an outfit. If you want to wear a more bulky looking neck piece, pair it with a dress or blouse with a high neckline.

Christina Hendricks playing Joan Harris on another hit show Mad Men
Gorgeous way to pair a bigger necklace

Pictured above is Tanesha Awasthi of Girlswithcurves, notice how she pairs her necklace with a high neckline. She always puts together a wonderful combination of accessories that flatter her body type and bring out the best in her eyes and smile. (You can check out her blog for more stylish jewelry pairings)

Tall / Slender (Over 5’7″)

If you are much taller and have a more slimming body structure, necklaces of almost any length go well with your body type. Pearls or necklaces made out of stones of the same size are flattering and necklaces that cut just at the neckline help de-emphasize your height. When pairing, keep in mind the kind of outfit you are putting on. Remember your clothes and jewelry should create harmony.

Just shy of 5’7″ Venessa Williams does a good job at pairing a busy necklace with her outfit


Since men’s jewelry options aren’t as myriad females, picking a suitable piece is relatively easier. Men should wear necklaces that sit at the collarbone. If worn with a pendant, the chain length should be slightly longer.

Above all, always remember to buy jewelry you love, are comfortable in and would serve you for a long time.

What has been your favorite necklace style for your body type? Share with us in the comment section below.


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