Sights of San Francisco — Day 3

Day 3 was finally here and it was my last day in SF but before I left, I had to go back to the Ferry Market to check out more of the jewelry and hopefully meet some artisans.

At the market, I walked past 3 stalls. One was a stall that sold beaded jewelry and beanies, the other, resin made cufflinks and the last framed pictures of landmarks in San Francisco.

IMG_5884 IMG_5887

At the stall with the framed photos, I was very close to purchasing a gorgeous picture of the Golden Gate bridge when at the last minute for some reason, I changed my mind. I thought to myself, “that is a very beautiful picture but I have no space at home to put it.”  So I left the picture. Looking back now, I am so glad I did because a few steps away from this stand was something more exciting and a spin of photography I have never come across.

Meet Mandi of Mandi Stillwell Creative Photography.

Mandi takes pictures on her camera and sells them at the Ferry Market in San Francisco. Her pictures may look like any other beautiful photo but they are far from that. Mandi, has taken the passion and love for her art to another level by not only capturing a moment in time but transporting you the very moment she took the photo.

Along with her pictures, Mandi uses an app on the Apple app store called Aurasma to achieve this. This 2 n 1 feature of her pictures works by using the camera of your smartphone along with the Aurasma app, to view a video embedded in the photo.  You point your camera over her picture and after a few seconds, the app recognizes the picture and a video clip made when the photo was taken, begins to play. Personally, I thought this was a great use of augmented reality (AR) and it was nice to see such technology on the streets.

mandi stillwell
a photo I bought from Mandi

I was really impressed by her creativity and how she is using technology to bring her photos to life.

mandi stillwell photographyIf you live in San Francisco or get the chance to visit, Mandi’s photo booth at the Ferry Market is a must stop.

Across from Mandi was another gifted artisan called Wen who works with wire to create wire wrapped rings of all sorts and wire wrapped name necklaces. Wen’s stand is another must stop.

IMG_5893 IMG_5894 IMG_5892 IMG_5896 IMG_5895My time in San Francisco was wonderful and I am glad I got chance to see the city, draw lots of inspiration and have my drive re-fueled.

IMG_5912Thanks San Fran! and thanks to my lovely tour guide Brianna.


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