Sights of San Francisco — Day 1

Last weekend, I visited San Francisco and it was an awesome trip. I got to visit so many lovely places and had a taste of the city for myself. So much happened within the short 3 days I spent there but I will try to keep this post brief and straight to the point.

Day 1

I arrived on Friday morning and got down to touring the city. Right from the airport after a few stops, I and my wonderful tour guide, a friend of my cousin took us to the Ferry Market and immediately I spotted the various crafts sellers! I got so excited, busted out my camera and made my way to take a few pictures.

ferry market san francisco

IMG_5607 IMG_5608 ferry market san franciscoFrom afar, the market seemed tiny but walking closer, I was blown away by the amount of beautiful work in it and with each turn I made, I fell hopelessly in love with the different handmade jewelries sold by their various makers.

Knowing I still had a lot more places to visit and things to do, I had to make my stop brief but I knew that I was definately going to be back to this market.

The rest of the day entailed visiting the Port of San Francisco and tasting food from various sellers

stoneoil california

stoneoil californiaA ride in one of the street cars to the fisherman’s wharf

street car san francisco

A quick stop at the Coit Tower

coit towers san francisco IMG_5725

We wrapped up the day by visiting the Golden Gate bridge. After seeing the bridge and a ton of walking, I was more than ready to end the day. Day 2 promised more excitement.


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