5 Beautiful and Customizable Jewelry Storage Ideas

Storing jewelry well is not only good for the overall care and luster of your jewelry, it enables you access them quicker (which comes in handy when you are running late) and can be used as a decorative item in the home to express your style.

Today I will be sharing fun and creative ways to tidy up your jewelry storage, help prevent tangles and just make your jewelry much easier to find.

Idea 1: Frame It

image source: shelterness.com

I love this method because it so simple but yet beautiful. It works best if you don’t have a lot of jewelry because you don’t want to take up too much wall estate that could be used for other decorating items. With this storage method, you can set aside one frame to lay out your jewelry for the day enabling you see a holistic view of your combinations.

You can get affordable frames at places like Walmart or Target and if you are a DIY at heart, free feel to hammer away and customize the color and look to your heart’s desire. If you are ready to go the extra mile, install some LED lights or a side mirror on the outside of the frame.

Idea 2: Storage Dresser

This is another pretty storage idea if you have got a bit more space in your closet or bedroom. I love the white paint because it gives off a clean design bringing the feeling of elegance to any room. Secondly, since the dresser is sectioned, it helps you clearly see your jewelry and prevent tangles.

Tip: For better organization and easy access, stick a post-it strip on each drawer to label what it contains or sort each drawer by color.

Idea 3: Over The Door Jewelry Amoire

Two words, space unlimited! This storage case is so versatile, with a full length mirror on the outside, one mini mirror on the inside, 12 compartments for watches, bracelets etc, 36 hooks for necklaces, 100 holes for earrings (holds 50 pairs) and 91 ring slots, it is hard to say no.

Although the price point for this amoire may be a little bit towards the high side for some, a good and sturdy brand in my opinion is a good investment long-term. You can find this online at HSN, Amazon or Overstock.

Idea 4: Porcelain Jewelry Stand

Finally, another super customizable storage idea is a DIY porcelain jewelry stand.

image source: a pair & a spare

I love this idea because the whole design is entirely in your control, letting you unleash your creativity. I suggest you pick colors and shapes of dishes that appeal to you and help you express your style. With this storage style, you can design it to be classy & elegant or give it a rugged touch. If you have a theme to your room, you could design this stand to fit right in. Read a complete  step by step guide on how to create this stand, on A Pair & A Spare  

How do you store your jewelry? What storage system has worked for you? Let’s hear it.


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