Crafting Tips: How Many Beads per Strand? 😯

Hi everyone! Today and the next few weeks, I will be posting great jewelry making tips. When I started working with jewelry there was a lot I did not know,  like the standard names for beads, how many beads to expect on a strand etc. As time went by and I gained more experience, I found various tools and resources to help me know my craft more. Today, I still refer to some of these resources and I believe they are very handy set of resources for both seasoned and new jewelry designers out there.

The focus of this post is going to be on how to determine the number of round beads on any length strand.

If you are like me, you asked yourself at some point, “how may beads do I get on this 16″ strand”?
There are so many bead sizes, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, 20mm etc which are sold on different strand length and knowing how many to expect will go a long way in helping you properly plan your jewelry project.

Below, is a sizing chart to give you an idea of how many round beads to expect on any strand length. These numbers are approximates and sometimes you may get 1 bead less or 1 bead more (I am yet to be fortunate enough to get a strand like that)

sizing chart
image source

If you have a strand length that is not on this list, you can calculate the number of beads on it by using this formula:

One inch = 25.4mm so,

  1. 25.4mm * strand length
  2. answer from step 1 / size of beads on the strand.

E.g if you have a 15″ strand of 10mm beads
Step 1: 25.4 * 15 = 381
Step 2 : 381 / 10 = 38.1 (approximately 38 beads)

I hope you all found this useful. Feel free to share your experiences and your comments below.


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