Jewelry Clasps Exposed!

Gone are the days when a clasp was used for just closing jewelry pieces. Now clasps take on very stylish looks and feel, making them a great component or even focal point in a jewelry.

Today, I will be discussing various kinds of clasps so you can spot them and select the best style for your jewelry project.

Lobster Clasp

Photo of a lobster clasp
Lobster clasp

One of the most common clasp found, the lobster clasp claw has a spring that is activated by a small lever which opens the clasp and can be hooked onto a jumpring.

Hook & Eye / S-Hook Clasps



The Hook & Eye clasps has a J-shaped side and a ring side that hooks together. This clasp is recommended for necklace designs and remains secure due to the weight of the piece creating tension between the two components.

The S-hook clasp is shaped like an S with a ring at each curve. The ring slides off and onto the S to open and close.

Aside from uses in necklaces, these hooks can serve as very pretty accents to bracelets.

Magnetic Clasps


These are two-piece clasps containing magnets. The magnets hold the two pieces of the clasp together, keeping the jewelry secure. The fun thing about this kind of clasp is that it can be used like any other beading element e.g. like a bead. To create interesting designs, use a few of these in a 20-24″+ length necklace to create designs that are easily customizable by customers. For instance, a customer can detach any clasp and reattach to any other magnetic clasp creating a new pattern.

Fishhook Clasp



The fishhook clasp are small clasps with a fishhook-shaped interior hook which is inserted into an oval box. The interior hook prevents jewelry from immediately falling off if the clasps are accidentally opened by hooking on the crossbar within the clasp box. Ideal for lightweight necklaces and bracelets.

Toggle Clasp


image source:

Another popular clasp and one of my favorite, the toggle clasp is composed of a ring and a bar which slips into the ring securely holding the jewelry together. This kind of clasp also comes in very pretty designs that can be used to create a theme for a bracelet or a focal piece for a necklace. One thing to note about this design is that, if the weight of the necklace is very light, go with a smaller sized clasp to prevent the necklace from sliding into the ring or the bar sliding out of the ring.

Box Clasps


This kind of clasps have a tab which is inserted into a decorative frame or box. Some styles come with safety latches or safety chains, which prevent the wedge-shaped tab from pulling out and the jewelry from dropping off.

Multi-strand Clasp

slide-lock-clasps l_50001773.10001

Another favorite of mine, the multi-strand clasp, makes it easy to create neat multi-strand necklaces or bracelets. They secure jewelry with two, three, four or more strands. Some styles are accented with gemstones, enamel or inlay work which add a touch of sophistication to any jewelry.

These are just some of the numerous and intriguing jewelry connectors. For more info on other designs, check out this enyclobeadia at fire mountain gems


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