How To Accessorize A Neckline

Having the right accessories for an outfit is very important to pull together and give a coherent definition and message to whatever we wear.

Today, I am pleased to share with you all a cheat sheet I came across online. This sheet has a number of different necklines, their names and the different kinds of necklaces that bring life and allure to the outfit.

Feel free to reference this sheet  anytime, you can’t decide on what necklace to wear with an outfit or anytime you need to figure out what neckline goes best with your planned outfit.

Image Source: Charming Charlie via Pinterest 



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    • Hey Junebug :), thanks for dropping by my blog. I found the sheet to be very useful in not only putting together my outfit but designing jewelry.
      Hopefully it helps you too in that regard & gives you more ideas in describing your products.


  1. Reblogged this on jewelrybyjaime and commented:
    A fellow Jewelry Artisan posted this blog, I found it very useful & thought I’d share!

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