Welcome to Oyindoubara

I believe accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. You could be dressed in the fanciest clothes, drive the most expensive cars but without the right combination, tone and color of accessories, it is all a waste.

Oyindoubara is a line of handmade jewelry crafted with passion, love and enveloped in beauty. I started making handmade jewelry in 2005 one summer holiday whilst my friends/mates were traveling around the world having fun and exploring cities of the world. During the summer holiday, I was bored out of mind and restless at home. One day, my mother was making a very simple necklace to wear with a dress she just made for herself and suggested I learn how to string beads. I said ok, sat on the floor of her room and since then, it has been the ride of my life. From basic string techniques to intricate wire work, handmade jewelry has become my joy and love.

Handmade jewelry making has taken me to different cities in different continents and countries of the world. I have gone from the Wuse market in Abuja Nigeria to Agbogbloshie market in Accra Ghana, to bead stores in California United States. During my journeys I have learned a lot, seen all sorts of beads and beading equipments and developed an eye for quality.

Oyindoubara stands for Allure, Oyindoubara stands for Passion, Oyindoubara stands for Beauty in Simplicity.

Welcome to my world.


Your Thoughts?

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