Mother’s Day Accessories Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is less than a month away and I have got the perfect Mother’s Day Accessories Gift Guide just for her. Now is the best time to start thinking of ways to express your gratitude, build new memories and give her a good treat. Although gift idea #1 may not be an accessory, starting with a special handwritten thank you card will definitely warm her heart before the gifts flow.

oyindoubara's mother's day accessories guide guide 2014


1. Thank You Card by Em Dash Paper Co. 2.I AM Statement Necklace by OYINDOUBARA

3. Cat Eye Drop Earrings by OYINDOUBARA 4. Magenta Leather Wrist Watch by Anne Klein

5. White Magnesite Love Bracelet by OYINDOUBARA 6. Grazia Crystal Earrings by OYINDOUBARA

7.  Asymmetric Clutch by Henri Bendel Debutante


8. Scented Soy Candles by Makana Studios

makana soy candles

9. Edible Arrangements

edible arrangements

10. Ring Bowls by Son of a Sailor

Juliett Ring Bowl

1 Bracelet 3 Spectacular Ways

How does one bracelet get worn in 3 different spectacular ways? How does it take you from casual chic to night time queen? I’m gonna show you.

With Easter around the corner, here are 3 spectacular ways to show off unique style with the Snowflake Jasper Gemstone Bracelet. Date night outfit ideas with oyindoubara brown snowflake jasper beads lunch date outfit idea with oyindoubara brown beaded bracelet

oyindoubara snowflake jasper gemstone beaded bracelet. boy friend jeans outfit ideasThere is just something really special about the Snowflake Jasper gemstone bead. It’s a stone that lets you celebrate everything that makes you unique and valued. The patterns on each bead is created by deep chocolate brown blends with tints of grey and caramel swirls, creating a unique pattern just like snowflakes.

These 3 outfits will get you armed and ready for any occasion long after Easter too.

Haven’t got your Snowflake Jasper Bracelet? Order one right here


Colored Diamond Chart

Pop Quiz!

Before your scroll down, take a quick guess. How many colors do you think a diamond comes in?



1? 2? 5? 20? (Leave your answer in the comment section)



Ans: The white diamond isn’t the only natural occurring diamond. Check out this colored diamond chart (also called fancy diamonds) to see the many colors of this gemstone. Fancy colored Diamonds chart

The name diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas, which means invincible. Diamonds, are traditionally linked to love endure forever because of its eternal strength.

Although traditional colorless or ‘white diamonds’ are by far the most popular colored diamonds, yellow and brown diamonds are actually the most commonly occurring diamonds with red diamonds the rarest gemstones in the world. Its red color is caused by minute defects formed in the crystal structure.

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Caring For Your Diamonds

  1. Diamonds require very little maintenance. They can be wiped clean using plain soapy water and a soft cloth.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaners are generally considered safe, but always take care when using it especially with fragile settings.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning diamond jewelry.
  4. Always store your diamonds separately and away from other gems and jewelry, including other diamonds. If possible, wrap them individually in soft cloth or place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box.
  5. Always remove diamonds and diamond jewelry before playing sports, exercising or performing harsh household tasks.
  6. Be careful when removing jewelry. Do not pull from the stone.

Do you own a fancy diamond? What color is it?


Jewelry DIY – Waterfall Necklace

Waterfalls are such a beautiful part of nature and has inspired this waterfall necklace. Since I love to travel and take in nature, I decided to make a piece of jewelry inspired by this love. I love this piece because it’s classy, elegant, has sparkle and is perfect for work wear.



See how you can make it yours with the full guest post over at Oh Everything Handmade.

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April’s Birthstone : The Diamond

“Diamonds are a girls best friend”

“Diamonds are a girls best friend”

It is ever so fittingly fabulous that the Diamond is the birthstone for April! Every female has become mesmerized by the dazzling rainbow hues reflected in a perfectly cut diamond. Now we can all don this beautiful gem, which is surrounded by romance, mystery, and passion.
Born from a Greek love story , it is a symbol of  everlasting love. With that Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed  to his love with a diamond and so the fairy tale romance of the diamond ring began.

Personally this birth stone reminds me of the glamour of vintage Hollywood. With inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and Breakfast at Tiffany’s here is a peek into creating a modern ensemble based around the Diamond.



“She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known.”

Quoted from the Gregorian Calendar, which matches poems for each month with its birthstone.

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