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Last week I got the chance to interview the lovely Sheena of IAMSheGlobal. I got to know Sheena, many months ago through her blog. One day as I was following up on blogs I subscribe to, I somehow came across Sheena and I decided to check out her blog. Immediately I was draw to her. At that time, I knew for sure that it was her sense of style, her confidence in her jewelry style and her overall delightful persona but after this interview I discovered many other things we have in common including her jewelry line!. Here is the full interview with Sheena of IAMSheGlobal.

Oyindoubara: Tell us a bit about yourself

Sheena: My name is Sheena. I’m a born and raised Angeleno. My parents were always very open with us and we lived in a very diverse neighborhood growing up, so I learned that life is full of different people, cultures, talents, ways of life and self-expression. I have always been curious about different cultures and their traditions. I love languages and being creative.
Artistic expression has always been a common theme throughout my life, from creating collages as a kid, to getting an Interior Design degree, to hand-making jewelry with my sister to creating a beautiful meal and more so now, with my fashion choices. I am currently building my business, IAMSHEGLOBAL, in which I will escort small groups on arts and culture based shopping trips to different countries. I will also offer global wares in my curated online boutique.

Oyindoubara: You have a very bold and interesting taste in jewelry. You always mix and match various types of pieces in very chic and beautiful ways, what inspires your jewelry style?

Sheena: My choice of jewelry is inspired by my travels. Jewelry and accessories are my favorite item to purchase when traveling. I look for handmade, unique pieces that represent the artists, traditions and colors of that country. My fashion is an outward expression of the journey I am on and the places I’ve been. I especially love to combine jewelry pieces from different countries because it reflects my love of global arts and culture.

Oyindoubara:  Do you have a go-to or signature piece? (If yes) What is it?

Sheena: I would say my go to piece of jewelry is a stack of bangles. Not a particular set, just an arm filled with them.


Oyindoubara: Why is it your go-to piece? What draws you to it?

Sheena: My favorite accessorizing, is to mix and match bangles. Inspired by the color or style of my outfit, I’ll play with various combinations of wood, metal, thread, beaded, clay, rhinestone, woven, bone and carved bangles to create a one of kind grouping of bracelets. It’s perfect because I can purchase one bracelet or a set and create endless combinations. I feel its a strong way to create a truly unique look with your jewelry.

  Keeping Cool in Ikat by IMSheGlobal Jewelry

Oyindoubara: You are also a jewelry designer, why did you decide to pursue jewelry making?

Sheena: My sister has made jewelry for over 20 years and a few years ago, we decided to start making jewelry together. We have always been enamored with other cultures, the way they adorn themselves, their traditions and their artistry. With inspiration gathered from various travels, coupled with our backgrounds in the creative arts and design and our endless desire to create, Sistas Jewelry was born. She and I have very different aesthetics so we balance each other’s designs and provide one-of-a-kind pieces that appeal to different people.

TRIBAL CALLING Handcrafted Beaded Cascading Tribal Statement Necklace

Beaded Cascading Tribal Statement Necklace by Sheena available on Etsy

Oyindoubara: What inspires your jewelry designs?

Sheena: The world is my inspiration, sprinkled with the bold beauty of fearless women. My jewelry designs are inspired by a “globe-trotting goddess” muse. I design for the woman who travels the world, whether in reality or in her dreams. She is daring, not afraid to stand out and loves the exotic and bold. My pieces are bright, big and striking. The pieces I create are not for everyone. They are often over the top and need a strong woman to wear them. I want to create wearable art and it will speak to whoever is supposed to.

What I Bought In Delhi by IMSheGlobal purses from Dehli India. photo by IMSheGlobal

Oyindoubara: Southern California is filled with all sorts of good places to wine and dine, where is your best spot to eat in SoCal?

Sheena: That is a hard question. I have my go-to places for different cravings. I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life and I have only scratched the surface of amazing food spots. I am grateful for the diversity that makes up this great city and with that comes endless options of culinary experiences. I would say my recent favorites I’ve tried are Father’s Office in Santa Monica (The best burger I’ve ever eaten) and Black Market Liquor in Studio City (hot, fresh made potato chips with an artisan cocktail, anyone?).

Oyindoubara: What do you do for fun?

Sheena: I love to read (currently alternating between spiritual and internationally based fiction books). I love to listen to the global music stations on Pandora (Bob Marley, Cuban and Bollywood are on heavy rotation). I hike with my dad in the mornings where we walk it out and talk it out. I love trip dreaming/planning. I love dancing (formal dance floor not required). Cooking relaxes me and feeding others makes me happy.

Oyindoubara: What is your most favorite thing to do in the world?

Sheena: My favorite thing to do in the world is travel. I know it is my life’s purpose. It feeds my soul in ways that words can not describe. I hope to inspire and share with others the magnitude of beauty that the world has to offer. Anthony Bourdain said, “try to go as far as you can, as often as you can” and I am.

  Mehrangarh Fort, overlooking the Blue city of Jodhpur. #travel #India #jointhejourney #iamsheglobal

Oyindoubara: What are your dreams & aspirations for your designs?

Sheena: I hope that my designs encourage those that wear them to be a little bolder and share their inner and outer beauty with those around them. I want my pieces to inspire people to see different corners of the globe, to appreciate the detail and traditions that are embodied in the designs and embrace the beautiful gift of diversity the world has to offer.

Oyindoubara: Where can readers connect with you online?

Sheena: I would love for your readers to “Join the Journey” with me. I share my global shopping tips, travel treasures and “How I wear the World” wardrobe inspiration on my blog, My handmade jewelry can be found at We can also connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest @iamsheglobal.

In Style with Ruby ~ July’s Birthstone


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Most people are familiar with the July’s birthstone, Ruby.  They have been a staple in fashion for centuries and due to their rarity, they can be worth even more than the best diamonds. If you are looking to style an outfit based on the birthstone ruby, you may want to start with Dorthy’s look from the Wizard of Oz.  Yes, the plain outfit (although maybe something a bit cuter!) and a pair of bright red shoes that really pop. You don’t need a lot of ruby in your outfit in order to make a statement.  If you’re going out, you may want to pair a little black dress, with a bold pair of red heels and a red clutch or jewelry.


Go Bold or Go Home
The red in rubies is expected to inspire passion and love. In fact, there is something known as the Red Dress Effect. This is the phenomenon in which women that wear red, especially red dresses, are found to be much sexier and more appealing than in any other color. Psychologically, red is confident, desirable and carries a lot of energy. So, for women who have a bold and fearless side, try rocking the little red dress.


Regardless of how much ruby you want to wear, you’re bound to capture the attention of those around you.

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About Guest Blogger Jayme:

jayme_guest_blogger_birthstonecentralHello, my name is Jayme and I’m from the United States, more specifically, the State of Alaska. I’m the blogger behind where I discuss all things related to birthstones and their colors. I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful girls and I’ve been an online businesswoman for a little over a year now.  I hope to cross paths with you on one of my social sites!

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A Round Up of The Week

Hey there! Hope your 4th of July celebrations was a good one.
Now that it’s all over and the weekend is still ahead of you, as you lie on the couch most likely eating leftovers, get up to speed with happenings on the blog this week.

-> Hello Summer! Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer – Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 :
Since white jeans is all the rave this season, check out 8 ways on how and what to wear with your white jeans this summer.

20140705-101450-36890076.jpg-> I Blossom! A Jewelry DIY:
Spend the weekend making your own piece of chandelier earrings from start to finish. This diy is perfect to add to your personal stash or wrap up beautifully for as a gift.

20140705-101450-36890162.jpg-> Inspiration Friday
Take some time off to see the beauty in everyday things.



Inspiration Friday – Forget not Wonder


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20140703-053828-20308949.jpg Stop and smell the roses, literally & figuratively. There is lots of wonder in the world to experience. Take time to be encapsulated in moments of stillness and wonder and you will begin to see things you couldn’t before. Disconnect from the hustles of life for a minute and let your mind recognize all the great things that pass you by each day. Like the color of the sky, the feeling of rain against your skin, the taste of your favorite fruit, the chirping of birds in the AM, the sound of a car engine, the falling of dew off a leaf, etc.

Don’t forget your sense of wonder. It’s what keeps you alive.
Remember, everyday is beautiful if you choose to see it” [Tweet It]

I Blossom! A Jewelry DIY


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Summer is here and what a great time to pull up your hair and show off some gorgeous jewelry. This piece was inspired by the wanderlust vibe summer always brings. It is a piece you can wear to (almost) any occasion no matter the corner of the world you are at. I dream of pairing these earrings with a maxi dress, a straw fedora and dainty beaded bracelets. See the full instructions on how to make this piece.

oyindoubara-diy-Blossom chandelier earrings-step4

oyindoubara-Blossom chandelier earring-diy

Hello Summer! Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer – Pt. 2


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Last time in part 1, we looked at, top options to wear denim jeans this summer. In part 2 of this series, whether you opt for skinny, flared or boyfriend jeans, here are shoe options to rock your white jeans with this summer.ways to wear white jeans this summer-oyindoubara-jewelry

  1. Flats: If you’re heading to brunch or a casual hour with friends, pair your white denim with a pair of cute flats. Change it up with a pair in a softer nude tone, which makes you appear taller. Another good option is pointy-toe flats. Use them to dress up a pair of skinny white jeans in a very sleek and simple way.

  2. Mules: For your weekend rounds through the city, pair mules with boyfriend or cropped jeans. The mule’s full-coverage panel plays well with a little ankle showing.

  3. Sandals: Sometime, a girl just wants to kick back but still have a bit of sex appeal. With your white denim look, try a strappy heel. You have a lot of freedom to go from simple, basic black, pop of color, print, etc. Personally, I love solid colors so I get the chance to play up my jewelry in interesting ways making my outfit look less busy.

  4. Pumps: If you want a sleek and easy way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans, definitely reach for your favorite pair of pointy-toed pumps. Black or nude are always classic options, but if you want to make more of a statement, definitely reach for a pop of color

Gallery (Click on an image to view slideshow)

White Magnesite Bracelet | Orange Riverstone Bracelet | Pink Horn of Strength Necklace | Monica Vinader Ring

What do you think of this white denim and shoe options? How would you wear this look? Leave your reply.


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